We have sorted This Week in Bridge by level to allow for players to more easily explore what may be of interest to them.   The categories are Novice, Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced, and Advanced.  If a lesson was published as Novice/Intermediate, it is listed under Novice.

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1  Hand Type     WORD     PDF

2  Which Suit to Open     WORD     PDF

3  Defining Hand Strength - Buckets      WORD     PDF

4  Cardinal Sins of Bridge     WORD     PDF

15  Responding to Partner's Takeout Double     WORD     PDF

28  Simple Overcalls     WORD      PDF

41  First Things First - Vulnerability and Position      WORD      PDF

42  Opener     WORD      PDF

43  Interferer      WORD      PDF

44  Responder     WORD     PDF

45  Advancer     WORD     PDF

62  Signals and Carding - UDCA      WORD      PDF

101  Raising Responder's Suit     WORD     PDF

102  Raising Responder in Competition     WORD     PDF

103  Responder's Rebid     WORD     PDF

110  Overcalls by Level     WORD     PDF

118  Winners - Making a Plan     WORD     PDF

119  Unblocking     WORD     PDF

120  Finesses     WORD     PDF

122  Counting Losers     WORD     PDF




6  Simple-sohl: Lebensohl Basics     WORD     PDF

7  Super-accepting Jacoby Transfers     WORD     PDF

8  Minor Suit Transfers - 4-suited Transfers     WORD     PDF

9  Evolve to 2 over 1      WORD     PDF

14  Double - A Call for Any Occasion     WORD      PDF

18  Finding Fits     WORD     PDF

19  Finding Fits in Competition      WORD      PDF

20  Hand Evaluation - The Law of Total Tricks      WORD      PDF

21  Hand Evaluation - Jacoby 2NT, Splinters      WORD     PDF

24  Responding to 1NT with an Unbalanced Hand      WORD     PDF

25  Bidding Slam after Partner Opens 1NT      WORD      PDF

29  Interferer Options      WORD      PDF

30  Advancing Partner's Overcall with a Fit      WORD      PDF

38  Michaels and Unusual NT      WORD      PDF

39  Is It Forcing?  (Freebids)      WORD      PDF

50  Competitive Doubles with or without Fit      WORD      PDF

51  Doubles after NT has been Bid      WORD       PDF

64  Defensive Concepts - Types of Defense       WORD      PDF

66  Partnership Defense Philosophy     WORD     PDF

67  Opening Leads - Card Combinations     WORD     PDF

74  Help Suit Game Tries for Slam      WORD     PDF

75  Captaincy     WORD     PDF

76  What to Expect from Responder - Planning Rebids     WORD     PDF

77  Planning as Responder     WORD     PDF

78  What to Expect from a Passed Hand      WORD     PDF

83  2/1: Bypassing 4-card Suits     WORD     PDF

87  2/1:  Pattern Out Auctions     WORD     PDF

90  Responding to 3- and 4-level Preempts     WORD     PDF

91  Dealing with 3- and 4-level Preempts     WORD     PDF

95  Walsh and Extended Walsh with 2-Way NMF     WORD      PDF

97  Optimistic Minimum      WORD     PDF

106  3rd Seat Openings     WORD     PDF

113  Balancing by Responder     WORD     PDF

121  Length vs Strength     WORD     PDF

123  Trump Fits     WORD     PDF

124  Ruffing Values     WORD     PDF

126  Rule of 11     WORD     PDF

127  Interpreting Partner's Lead      WORD     PDF

129  Visualizing Suits     WORD     PDF




4  Cardinal Sins of Bridge     WORD     PDF

10  2 over 1 Rebids - 2M waiting, 3L+     WORD     PDF

11  1D-2C Auctions      WORD     PDF

12  1NT Forcing and 3 over 1 Invitiational     WORD      PDF

13  Slam Bidding in 2 over 1 Auctions     WORD     PDF

16  Dealing with Opponents' Takeout Double     WORD     PDF

17  High Level Doubles - Forcing Passes     WORD     PDF

22  Help Suit Game Tries     WORD     PDF

26  Responding to 2NT and 2C-2D-2N      WORD     PDF

27  Trick-showing NT Bids - Gambling 3NT     WORD     PDF

31  Rebids after We Overcall      WORD      PDF

32  The Trouble with Minors - Inverted Minors      WORD      PDF

33  1430 RKC and 1430 Gerber      WORD      PDF

34  Opening 2C      WORD      PDF

35  Reverses and Jump Shifts      WORD      PDF

36  Preempts      WORD      PDF

37  Raising Partner in Competition      WORD      PDF

40  UvU and UvM      WORD       PDF

46  14-16 Notrump     WORD     PDF

52  Support Doubles in Depth - Rebids     WORD      PDF

54  Counting Points Before the Auction Begins       WORD      PDF

55  Counting Points after Partner Bids      WORD      PDF

56  Counting Points when the Opponents Bid      WORD       PDF

57  Reevaluate and Keep Reevaluating      WORD      PDF

58  Size of Trump Fits      WORD      PDF

60  Fitting Cards and Wasted Values     WORD     PDF

63  Defensive Agreements - Discards      WORD      PDF

65  Middle of the Hand Defense       WORD      PDF

69  Leads in Partner's Suit     WORD     PDF

71  Control Showing Cuebids     WORD     PDF

72  Forcing Pass      WORD     PDF

79  Responding to 1NT with the Minors     WORD     PDF

80  Minor Suit Slams after 1NT Openings     WORD     PDF

81  When to Open 1NT Off-Shape     WORD     PDF

85  2/1:  Solid Suits     WORD     PDF

88  Responding to Weak-2 Bids     WORD     PDF

92  Drury - 2-way, Reverse     WORD     PDF

98  Advanced 1430 - Specific Kings     WORD     PDF

100  Fast Arrival vs. Picture Bids     WORD     PDF

104  New Minor Forcing in Depth     WORD     PDF

105  4th Suit Game Forcing in Depth     WORD     PDF

107  Overcalling 4-card Suits     WORD     PDF

112  Dealing with 4M Interference      WORD     PDF

114  Drury     WORD     PDF

116  Q=LR+ by a Passed Hand      WORD     PDF

125  Misfits and Moysians     WORD     PDF

130  Dummy has Qxx+     WORD     PDF

131  A/Q for Attitude, K for Count     WORD     PDF




 5  Responding to 1N with the Majors     WORD      PDF

23  Lebensohl Complete      WORD      PDF

47  Rodwell Size Ask      WORD     PDF

48  Transfer Lebensohl      WORD      PDF

49  Slam Tries - Shortness, Reverse Baze    WORD      PDF

 53  Scrambling 2NT - Advancer's Choices      WORD      PDF

61  Losers and Covers     WORD     PDF

68  Opening Leads - Listen to the Auction     WORD     PDF

70  Kokish over 2C     WORD     PDF

73  Minorwood       WORD     PDF

82  Advanced Lebensohl     WORD     PDF

84  2/1:  Bidding the 4th Suit     WORD     PDF

86  2/1:  Splinters     WORD     PDF

89  Lebensohl over Weak-2 Bids     WORD     PDF

93  Lebensohl over Reverses     WORD     PDF

94  2-way New Minor Forcing (Modified Wolff Signoff)     WORD     PDF

96  Fit Showing Jumps     WORD     PDF

99  Delayed Splinters     WORD     PDF

108  Kokish Game Tries     WORD     PDF

109  2NT Trump Suit Game Try 3344      WORD     PDF

111  Leaping Michaels     WORD     PDF

115  P-1M-2N      WORD     PDF

117  Advanced Drury in Competition     WORD     PDF

128  Rule of 12 or 10 (3rd/5th leads)     WORD     PDF

132  Smith Echo (Reverse)     WORD     PDF

133  Suit Preference Situations     WORD     PDF

134  Upgrade to Jacoby 2NT     WORD     PDF

135  Internal Reverses     WORD     PDF

136  1M-3N = Good 1-4       WORD     PDF

137  Kansas City Stayman     WORD     PDF