To bring Robert to your area or for details about any of these events email Robert at 

2018 Seminars 

Location Date Time Location Contact
Links for More Info
Hawaii NABC Sat, 11/24/18
10 am - noon
Holiday Bridge Party at Sea
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Fri, 12/28/18 -
Fri, 1/4/19
Celebrity Cruises

2019 Seminars

Location Date Time Location Contact
Links for More Info
St Simon Island, GA Festival
with Audrey Grant
Sun, 1/6/19 -
Wed, 1/9/19
The King and Prince Resort Kathy Frigon
Lake Wales, FL Seminars Jan 2019 TBA TBA
Dallas/Ft Worth, TX Seminars Feb 2019 TBA TBA
Vero Beach, FL Seminars Sat, 2/16/19
Sun, 2/17/19
Cabo San Lucas, MX Seminars Wed, 3/6/19 -
Sun, 3/10/19
The Villages, FL Seminar Sat, 3/16/19
Regional at Sea
Galveston, TX
Sun, 3/17/19 -
Sun, 3/24/19
Celebrity Cruises
Sectional at Sea
Miami, FL to Lisbon, Portugal
Mon, 3/25/19 -
Mon, 4/8/19
Regent Cruises
Marin, CA Seminars Thurs, 4/25/19 TBA TBA
Palo Alto, CA Seminars Sat, 4/27/19 9 am - 2:30 pm Bridge Center Agnes Lee
650 281 5802
Los Altos, CA Seminar Tues, 4/30/19 TBA TBA
Chicago, IL Seminar Wed, 5/1/19 TBA Woman's Athletic Club of Chicago
More California Seminars April - May 2019 TBA TBA
Regional at Sea
Miami, FL
Sat, 11/16/19 -
Sat, 11/23/19
Royal Carribbean Cruises

Teaching Event Details

Teaching events are led by Robert, the AiB Team, or by other affiliates! 

  • Seminars are larger teaching events that that we hold around the world. They are commonly open to the public (for a cost).

  • Workshops are smaller teaching events that are usually private, frequently held in someone's home (for a cost).

  • Lectures are generally free events that we provide for the good of bridge or to support a cause.

If you would like to organize Robert or another member of the AiB Team to come teach in your area, please contact us.  


Lecture Schedules

Location Date Time Topic
Daytona Beach, FL Regional
Friday, 11/9/18 9 am Dealing with the Opponents' Preempts
Foley, AL Regional 11/12-11/18/18 TBA TBA
Hawaii NABC 11/22-12/2/18 TBA TBA
Rancho Mirage, CA Regional 12/10-12/16/18 TBA TBA
Location Date Time Topic
Orlando, FL Regional
1/7-1/13/19 TBA TBA
Bermuda Regional 1/26-2/1/19 TBA TBA
Houston, TX Regional 2/4-2/10/19 TBA TBA
Palmetto, FL Regional 2/25-3/3/19 TBA TBA