To bring Robert to your area or for details about any of these events email Robert at 

2019 Seminars

Location Date Location Contact
Links for More Info
ACBL Educational Foundation Event Thurs 6/13/19 Greenville, SC Regional Barbara Heller Ed Network
Vail, CO Workshop Tues 6/25/19 - Wed 6/26/19 Private
Washington DC Seminar Mon 7/8/2019 TBA Contact Robert for more Info!
Halifax Seminars Wed 7/10/19 - Sun 7/14/19 TBA TBA
Las Vegas NABC ABTA Seminar 7/16/19 ABTA Seminar
**Vail, CO SUMMER FESTIVAL!!** Tues 7/30/19 - Thurs 8/1/19 Vail Christian High School Register Online Flyer
**More Fall Seminars Aug-Sept 2019 TBA Get in touch to bring Robert to your area.
Texas Seminars Sept 2019 TBA
Bermuda Seminars Sun 10/6/19 - Thurs 10/10/19 Bermuda Bridge Club
Indianapolis Seminars Sat 10/12/19 - Sun 10/13/19 TBA
Millpond, GA Plantation Sun 10/20/19 - Thurs 10/24/19 Millpond Bridge Retreat SOLD OUT!
Millpond, GA Plantation Sun 10/27/19 - Thurs 10/31/19 Millpond Bridge Retreat 2
Boca Grande, FL Seminars Tues 11/5/19 - Wed 11/6/19 Gasperillo Inn Beach Club Register Online Flyer
Regional at Sea - Miami, FL Sat 11/16/19 - Sat 11/23/19 Royal Caribbean Cruises
Regional at Sea - Miami, FL Sat 12/6/19 - Sat 12/14/19+ Crystal Cruises
Hawaii Sectional at Sea - San Diego, CA Sat 12/21/19 - Sat 1/5/20 Crystal Cruises

Teaching Event Details

Teaching events are led by Robert, the AiB Team, or by other affiliates! 

  • Seminars are larger teaching events that that we hold around the world. They are commonly open to the public (for a cost).

  • Workshops are smaller teaching events that are usually private, frequently held in someone's home (for a cost).

  • Lectures are generally free events that we provide for the good of bridge or to support a cause.

  • Charity Events are Seminars, Workshops, Lectures, or other unique events that people work together with Robert to create. Robert supports a large variety of different charities and if you have ideas please get in touch with him.

If you would like to organize Robert or another member of the AiB Team to come teach in your area, please contact us.  


Lecture Schedules

Location Date Time Topic
San Diego, CA Regional 4/15-21/19 TBA TBA
Denver, CO Regional Tues, 5/22/19 1:30pm Preempts
Cincinatti, OH Regional TBA TBA TBA
Greenville, SC Regional TBA TBA TBA
Reston, VA Regional TBA TBA TBA