Bidding Systems by Levels & ACBL Convention Cards

Here are the details of the AiB 2/1 Game Forcing Systems by Level.  These levels were developed from our experience playing with students of varied experience.  The agreements listed below are what we have experienced that our students learn at different points in their development (and what we have recommended to them).  For each of the six levels that are detailed in the sheet below we also have the ACBL convention cards available.

 From our experience, the approximate experience level of players that employ most of each system are as follows:

  1. Basic 2/1 Game Forcing (Red) -- Under 100 Masterpoints

  2. Intermediate 2/1 Game Forcing (Orange) -- 100-500 Masterpoints

  3. Modern 2/1 Game Forcing (Yellow) -- 300-1000 Masterpoints

  4. Advanced 2/1 Game Forcing (Green) -- 750-2000 Masterpoints

  5. Complex 2/1 Game Forcing (Blue) -- 2000+ Masterpoints

  6. Expert 2/1 Game Forcing (Purple) -- 3500+ Masterpoints

*The Masterpoint ranges listed above are approximate levels of experience at which our students adopt these bidding levels.  But each player's development varies and certainly it is not expected that one will learn an entire level of bidding concepts or conventions all at once. 

Convention Cards by Level 

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

System Upgrade Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet below is a more detailed "blow up" of the ACBL convention card.  Each column (color coded) contains a level of the six 2/1 GF systems.  Each row of the spreadsheet contains a collection of affiliated concepts.   The concepts and agreements are grouped together by level to help give you an idea of what to learn next.  This should help give you a curriculum to work though as you are developing your game and partnership agreements.  

  • TWiB 0 is the Robert's Bidding Basics Document: a lesson for learning bridge for beginners.

  • The TWiB lesson that corresponds to each topic is listed to the right of each agreement. More details are laid out under TWiB by Level.

  • For a version of this spreadsheet formatted for printing click here ---> PDF VERSION FOR PRINTING.