2015 Aspen Team Championships

2015 Aspen Team Championships Winners!

Our 2015 Winners!  (l-r) Susan Knox, Adriane Sirkus, David Billings, and Zetta Feder  
(photo by Robert Todd)

Thank you all for coming to play in the 2015 Aspen Team Championship!  After a closely contested day, the team of Zetta Feder, David Billings, Adriane Sirkus, and Susan Knox came out on top.  In second were Rosalie Schwarz, Penny McAdams, Judi Schwartz, and Ernie Goodnough.  We hope you all enjoyed the day and we look forward to seeing you again next year!  Please find the full listing of places and masterpoints below (points will be included in the August club reports, so you should see them in your point reports at the beginning of September.)

1.  4.50 pts      Zetta Feder, David Billings, Adriane Sirkus, Susan Knox
2.  3.38 pts      Rosalie Schwarz, Penny McAdams, Judi Schwartz, Ernie Goodnough
3.  2.53 pts      Dale Rands, Karen Kribs, Dorothy Segel, Judy Hyde
,92 pts             Jill Fink, Art Hohmann, Barbara Carson, Bernie Weiss
.69 pts             Marilynn Rivkin, Sandy Bolton, Tommie Kadotani, Bonnie Kamp
.46 pts             Luky Seymour, Frankie Ginsburg, Mary Fee, Diane Anderson, Elaine Cahn
.46 pts             Brill Key, Linda Vaughn, Avie Manges, Patti Payne
.23 pts             Lotta Brafman, Cecily Silberman, Ruth Abramson, Judy Wrigley