2018 Aspen Team Championships

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Aspen Team Championships:  Judy Hyde, Dale Rands, Karen Kribs, and Bernie Weiss (not pictured)!  Thank you to everyone who came and played and we look forward to seeing you again next year.  The full results can be found below.


RESULTS and MASTERPOINTS (all black points)

1A     Karen Kribs, Dale Rands, Bernie Weiss, Judy Hyde     4.28
2A/1B   Marianne Kipper, Tog Rogers, Judith Cross, Steve Nemerovski     3.21
3A/2B     Ilene Nathan, James Nathan, Barbara Carson, Linda Vaughn     2.41
4A     Sylvia Blau, Renee Rosenberg, Zetta Feder, Courtney Keller     1.81
1C     Luky Seymour, Ed Keely, Diane Anderson, Terry Butler     1.17
Rosalie Schwarz, Penny McAdams, Susan Knox, Adriane Sirkus     0.92
Marilyn Rivkin, Sandy Bolton, Ernie Goodnough, Judith Schwartz     0.69
Molly Bartholow, Toby Bartholow, Karlene Spivak, Chris Mayhew     0.69
Cathy Hemm, Laura Shukovsky, Fay Sackstein, Carol Cornish     0.46