Congrats to the 0-10,000 Vanderbilt Winners!

We are very pleased and proud to congratulate Robert Todd and his teammates and long-time friends of AiB, Garth Yettick, Peggy Ware, and Spencer Jones on their win in the inaugural 0-10,000 Vanderbilt Knockout Teams at the Spring 2014 NABC in Dallas, TX.  

Robert, Garth, Peggy, and Spencer

Robert, Garth, Peggy, and Spencer

The five-day-long event was a single-elimination knockout with full-day matches of 56 boards each.  The team had some ups and down but came through with shining colors in the end.    The final match was especially exciting - our team was down -36 IMPs at the half, but brought back 33 of them in the third quarter and went on to win by 8.

Peggy had this to say about the event:  "We had a great time. Playing four-handed was tough, and at times affected each of us. We were thrilled to come from behind to beat such a strong team in the finals."

Congrats again to the whole team - next up, the Vanderbilt!