Aspen Team Championships 2013

We're pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Aspen Team Championships are Dorothy Segel, Dale Rands, Judy Hyde, and Karen Kribs.  They went undefeated for the day and will be engraved on the trophy.  Congratulations team! 


12 teams competed in the 3rd annual event sponsored by AiB on July 18, 2013 at the Inn at Aspen.  Everyone enjoyed a day of great competition and a yummy lunch, and we're very pleased to note that everyone won at least one match and won masterpoints. 

Our past champions were: 

2012:  Nedra Oren, Sylvia Blau, Dorothy Podhurst, Renee Rosenburg

2011:  Irv Brown , Avie Manges, Barbara Berman, David Billingsly

The final 2013 results are listed below.  (The masterpoints should show up in your August point reports from the ACBL.) 


1A.  3.58 pts

Dorothy Segel

Karen Kribs

Dale Rands

Juby Hyde


2A 1B.  2.69 pts

Judith Cross

Bernie Weiss

David Hoch

Art Hohmann


3A 2B 1C.  2.01 pts

Mimi Larkin

Eugene Kalnitsky

Marcie Musser

Freida Stern


4/5A.  1.35 pts

Nedra Oren

Sylvia Blau

Dorothy Podhurst

Renee Rosenburg


4/5A.  1.35 pts

Courtney Keller

Jill Fink

Susan Knox

Diane Morgan


3B.  1.32 pts

Irv Brown

Avie Manges

Ernie Goodnough

David Billings


.36 pts

Sue Miller

John Adams

Sharon Leon

Bonnie Wilke


.24 pts

Judy Schwartz

Adriane Sirkus

Libby Walker

Mary Fee


.24 pts

Rosalie Schwarz

Zetta Feder

Lynn Rafferty

Penny McAdams


.24 pts

Frances Ginsburg

Terry Durham

Luky Seymour

Terry Butler


.24 pts

John Lindeman

James Nathan

Cecily Silberman

Ilene Nathan


.12 pts

Lois Clark

Kay Freyer

Marty Telfer

Judy Wrigley

Karen Kribs has also written an article for the Aspen Times  - its text follows:

The Aspen Bridge Team Championship competition for duplicate bridge players was recently held at the Inn at Aspen.  This year's entry field included twelve four-person teams with players from Aspen to Glenwood Springs and visitors from all over the country. 

This competition is organized each year by Robert Todd, a bridge professional from Tallahassee, FL.   Robert is the founder of Adventures in Bridge, a group of bridge professionals who play, teach and mentor aspiring bridge players all across the US and in Bermuda.  The group comes to Aspen several times a year to conduct seminars and hold small group playing lessons.  In addition, they teach one-on-one lessons with students online and play as partners and teammates with students at bridge tournaments all over North America.

While there is a substantial group of duplicate bridge players in the Valley, we do not have a professional teacher living here.  Todd has been teaching bridge in Aspen for five years and bringing his professional group here for the last three.  His visits here have attracted a large audience of bridge players in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond.   His influence has done a great deal to raise the skill level of the players here.

There are two sanctioned duplicate bridge games in our area.  The game in Aspen is held at Colorado Mountain College each Tuesday at 12 noon.  For information or reservations contact Avie Manges at 970-927-2843.  The game in El Jebel is on Fridays at 12:30 at the recreation center at the Valley Pines Condos.  For information or reservations contact Courtney Keller at 970-927-6416.  Courtney also conducts classes for novice players and those new to duplicate bridge.