Our Story - How AiB got Started

Adventures in Bridge, Inc. was founded by Robert S. Todd. While Robert was traveling the country, playing and teaching bridge professionally, he met other young bridge players that he thought had great potential as bridge teachers and promoters of the game. As Robert developed an active and growing group of students he also began to assemble a team of these talented young bridge players and teachers in order to help him support his students' needs and desires.

Robert and the rest of the AiB team have worked hard to develop their individual and group teaching skills. This team approach to teaching and developing students has led to many innovative approaches to bridge teaching!


Our Students - How Players Get Started with AiB

Members of the AiB team meet bridge players all over the country every week of the year.  These introductions happen online, at local bridge clubs, at workshops/seminars, and at tournaments of all types. When we meet enthusiastic bridge players who seem interested, motivated, and capable of learning, we try to help them expand their bridge knowledge and enjoyment .

We begin to help them by serving as bridge mentors - adding them to our online bridge lesson series email group and just answering bridge questions for them. From there, we often expand our teaching to regular online lessons (individual and group instruction). Many of our students enjoy a weekly lesson during which they can ask us questions about interesting hands they played that week and learn new things as part of our teaching curriculum. Students who enjoy this often invite us to their area to do in-person lectures, seminars, and workshops.

Finally, our most involved students expand their bridge experiences to play at tournaments all over the country and the world. At these tournaments we often partner and/or team with them, which makes for a great learning experience and a lot of fun for everyone involved.