(118) Declarer Play - Notrump: Winners - Making a Plan

Hi Everyone -

After our month off I'm excited to take a major turn from our usual bidding discussions and begin a two-month discussion of Declarer Play.   I'm pleased to tackle this topic -- one that I have neglected until now.    We will begin with a month on Notrump Play (though many of the things we discuss will apply to all aspects of play).   Here are our beginning topics:

1 (118) Winners - Making a Plan
2 (119) Unblocking - Taking our Winners
3 (120) Finesses and Double Finesses
4 (121) Length vs. Strength 

We begin with the most important part of all of Declarer play - "Making a Plan"! - the thing that we must force ourselves to do, even when we are feeling lazy, on every hand.  In Notrump, that plan is specifically counting winners and figuring out how to get more of them.   Let's take a look at how this works!