(130) Defensive Details: Dummy Has Qxx+

Hi Everyone -

This month we continue or work on Defense with a turn towards Defensive Details - more specific defensive situations after the opening lead.  Defense is one of the hardest parts of bridge and it is important for us to work together with partner to try to solve some of the complex problems that will arise.  This month we will examine:

1 (130)  What To Do When Dummy Has Qxx+
2 (131)  A/Q Attitude, K Count (Unblock)
3 (132)  Smith Echo (Reverse)
4 (133)  Suit Preference Signals 

We start our work on more defensive details by focusing on a common problem situation for the defense.  We lead a high honor (Ace or King) and dummy hits with the Qxx (or longer).  We need to be on the same page with partner to figure out what we do next.