(138) Bidding Philosophy: Steps vs. Specific Bids

Hi All -

I hope that everyone enjoyed their December, the holidays, and a small break from TWiB (This Week in Bridge, formerly our Online Lesson Series).  But we are back at it again with a return to Bidding Philosophy discussions -- our standard January topic. 

This month we will tackle some general bidding concepts that will arise in more detail in the future. By introducing the ideas now, we will lay a foundation for understanding why we have certain agreements or understandings with partner. 

1 (138)  Step Bidding vs. Specific Bidding
2 (139)  Cuebidding the Opponent's Suit
3 (140)  Lead Directing Doubles
4 (141) Transfers in Competition (General Ideas)

This week's topic is Step vs. Specific Bidding and is designed to help us understand that in different actions we take different approaches.  Sometimes we bid "naturally" and sometimes we use steps.  

I hope you find this useful and a good introduction to a new bidding concept.

Take Care,

Robert and the AiB Team


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