(149) More Competitive Bidding: Good-Bad 2NT

Hi All - 

We have already seen many places where 2NT is used a conventional bid.  But today we look at another example of where 2NT is best used as a "convention not a contract!"  

In a competitive auction, especially one where the opponents have bid and raised a suit, it is rare that we are going to want to bid a natural 2NT -- so using it as a conventional call gives up very little.  Instead, Opener uses 2NT to differentiate a hand that has extra values from a hand that just wants to compete to the 3-level (similar to the way Lebensohl is used).  

Take a look and see if this gadget is something you and a regular partner might want to adopt.   Even if it is not, it is still useful to know that in these auctions Opener is often faced with a problem of how to differentiate a distributional minimum hand from a hand with significant extra values. 


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