(159) Notrump: Slam Tools - Gerber and 1430 Keycard

Welcome Back All!

We are very excited to share with you this month's lessons, but we are more excited about the work we've done over the hiatus to build the foundations of a teaching curriculum for bridge at all levels.   

First, we have made a new Learn Bridge Bidding (TWiB 0) document.  This is a brief (less than 20 page) lesson for learning bridge bidding from scratch. Feel free to review it yourself or recommend it to friends and family who are just picking up the game!  View and download the document here. 

Second, we have created a 6-level system to help players develop their games and learn and grow.  Bridge is an enormous subject and players often feel lost about what to learn and in what order.  This AiB 2/1 GF Levels is designed to help give players a path for learning and developing their game. 
-- There is a large spreadsheet which is a more detailed look at the convention card with agreements developed by level.  Each column (color coded) is a level and each row of the sheet contains upgrades you can make to your system.
-- Next to each new agreement is the TWiB document that discusses this topic and is recommended for you to read before starting to play this approach.
-- For each level there is a digital version of the ACBL convention card for you to print out and make a few additions to (or subtractions) and use as you play.

 View the spreadsheet and convention cards here.

Third, we have a new TWiB by 2/1 GF Level which is an archive of all our TWiB lessons, sorted by the 6 new levels of AiB 2/1 GF Systems and by general area of discussion.  This page also contains a recommended order for reading the TWiB documents -- something very important for the newcomers that has been missing from our collection!!  For those of you looking for a way to organize your educational plan, this is a great place to go to help you figure out what to read next.

Finally, The TWiB Archives:  our This Week in Bridge Archives, with the TWiB lessons listed in publication order, is still available as well.  The password is Stayman (capital S important.)

In the process of building this new level-based curriculum, we have learned that there are topics that we would like to discuss, of many levels, that are missing from our TWiB collection.  Thus, instead of our traditional Play and Defense months for the second half of the year we are going to work on filling in some of the more basic ideas that are missing from our Level 1 and Level 2 areas of discussion.  We will also include some advanced topics along the way, for you more advanced players.

We start back up with our July set of TWiB lessons on Notrump:
     July 4:  Slam Tools - Gerber and 1430 Keycard
     July 11:  19+ to 21 2NT Openings
     July 18:  1NT Overcalls
     July 25:  Western Cuebids

This week's lesson on Slam Tools - Gerber and 1430 Keycard discusses these slam-bidding tools in more specific detail to make them more useful to you in every bridge game you play!


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