(188) Notrump Interference: Woolsey

Hi All - 

This week we discuss the general goal of different artificial bidding systems used to come in over a 1NT opening bid.  We introduce a system, Woolsey, that is a designed to focus on finding our best Major suit fit (but sometimes getting us to the 3-level in a minor).  

Woolsey is a complex system and this lesson is Expert (Level 6 in the AiB curriculum) but there is still parts of the discussion that should be useful to players of all levels.  Specially the intro and discussion of Landy 2C and 2-Major (showing a Major-minor).  This is because many players will play similar bids to this in Cappelletti or other systems that they play.  

Take a look and don't fret too much if some of it seems too complex.  Feel free to get in touch if you have any question or if something is not clear.

Good luck!


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