(219) Partnership Discussions - Understanding Partner's Style

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I'm excited to start the new year and get back to writing and corresponding with you all.

I'm also exciting to be doing more writing and publishing this year.  Robert's Bidding Lessons (the collections of TWiB lessons by level) have been updated with the TWiBs from 2017 and are available now.  New lesson books on Defense and Play are coming soon as well as some other writings I'm working on.

This month's topic is focused on general bidding philosophy. 
J1.  Partnership Discussions - Understanding Partner's Style
J2  Offensively- vs. Defensively-Oriented Hands
J3. Corrective vs. Forward-Going Bids
J4. Negative Doubles in Depth!

For this week's lesson we look at what topics you should discuss with partner, particularly when you only have a short amount of time.  Our primary focus will be on understanding partner's style (and communicating our style), rather than on lots of conventions or highly detailed agreements!

You should find this discussion useful for improving your regular partnerships as well as practical when playing with new partners!

Take care and I hope that everyone's 2018 goes great!


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