(224) Responding After a Penalty Double of a 1NT Opening

Hi All - 

This week we look at what is commonly referred to as a runout situation.  When partner opens the bidding with 1NT and right hand opponent makes a penalty double, as Responder we want to have options for how we find the best place to play, even or especially when we have no values.  

This is a relatively common situation and one that most partnerships have agreements about how to deal with.  It has been on my list of topics to write about for a while now, and I'm happy to finally get to discuss it with you.  I've also now added it to the System Documents for AiB by Level (see the spreadsheet).  

I hope you find this a helpful new gadget or a good review of your bidding options. 

Take Care, 

PS - I'm excited to announce that my collection of "Robert's Defense Lessons" is now available for sale.  


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