(231) Simple Overcalls at the 1-Level

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This month we start a 2-month intensive look at Overcalls.  This collection of TWiBs will cover overcalls in a variety of situations and a variety of types of competitive actions.  

April and May TWiBs
1 (231) Simple Overcalls at the 1-Level
2 (232) Simple Overcalls at the 2-Level
3 (233) Jump Overcalls at the 2-Level  
4 (234) 2-Suited Overcalls 

5 (235) Sandwich Seat Overcalls
6 (236) Balancing Seat Overcalls
7 (237) NT Overcalls
8 (238) High-Level Jump Overcalls

This week’s TWiB reviews the basics of overcalling a suit at the 1-level.   Here we look at what we are promising when we make one of these overcalls and we work on developing our judgment for when to make an overcall and when to stay out of the auction.  


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