(239) Hold Up Plays

Hi Everyone -

It is nice to be back with you all after the June break.  I'm excited to be turning our focus to play of the hand for the next couple months.  We will begin with a few general declarer play tools and then then turn to a variety of declarer play topics that are specific to suit contracts. 

(239) Hold Up Plays
(240) Optimistic and Pessimistic Declarer Play
(241) Combining Chances as Declarer
(242) Trump Suit Management - Maintaining Control

(243) Trump Suit Management - Transportation
(244) Trump Suit Management - Dummy Reversal
(245) Trump Suit Management - Ruffing Finesse
(246) Trump Suit Management - Removal and End-Plays

This week we focus on a valuable tool in declarer play, the "Hold Up Play".  This is the act of choosing not to win the opening lead (or another trick) when you could have.  We frequently make use of this type of play in NT contracts, but it is also valuable in suit contracts.  

Enjoy working on your game!
Robert and the AiB Team


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