(247) Recognizing Danger on Defense

Hi Everyone - 

For the next 2 months we turn our attention to defense.  Defense is probably the most challenging part of the game, because we have to work together with partner (sometimes a bigger challenge than working on our own) to try to figure out how to foil the declarer's plan. 

1 (247) Recognizing Danger on Defense
2 (248) What Suit to Attack
3 (249) The King/Jack Guess
4 (250) Splitting Honors

We start this month by looking at situations that are dangerous for the defense.   Specifically, we look at a variety of positions where we need to recognize that good things are happening for declarer.   Once we make this determination, we are able to decide if we should get aggressive or attempt to stay passive on the defense.  

I hope you find our return to defense interesting and helpful!


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