(263) They Overcall After Partner's Stayman

Hi Everyone -

Before we get to bridge discussion this week I want to mention that the ACBL Educational Foundation (of which I am a trustee and on the search committee) is looking to hire its first Executive Director. For the first few years, the job will have a heavy focus on fundraising. If you know anyone who might have the background in non-profit fundraising we’re looking for, please let them know to check out the information on the foundation website.


This month we look at situations when the opponents interfere in a few of our specific constructive bidding auctions.

1 (263) They Overcall After Partner’s Stayman
2 (264) They Overcall After Partner’s Transfer
3 (265) They Double Our Control-Showing Cuebid
4 (266) Dealing with Interference Over a Conventional 2NT Response

This week we look at how we bid after we open 1NT, partner uses Stayman, and the opponent interferes in the bidding. This situation can be a bit confusing because we need to know when double is penalty and when it is takeout. We also need to know what bids are forcing and when we should pass the hand around to partner.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy this month’s discussions!