(279) The Takeout Double

Hi Everyone -

I’m excited to get the second half of the year underway, with lots of exciting teaching events and materials that I’m working on. I have a big 3-day teaching event in Vail at the end of this month ( see registration on the website ) where I hope to see many of you.

For This Week in Bridge (TWiB), we will spend the next two months focusing on the most important call in bridge - Double!

1 (279) The Takeout Double
2 (280) Negative Doubles
3 (281) Responsive Doubles
4 (282) Support Doubles
5 (283) Balancing & Reopening Doubles
6 (284) Non-Takeout Doubles
7 (285) Higher & Later Doubles
8 (286) Other Special Doubles

This week we cover the most basic convention in all of bridge, the takeout double - and though it is one of the oldest conventions in bridge, it is still one of the most important!