(287) Bidding Slam with a Void

Hi All -

I’m excited to announce my partnership with Millpond! This is a fabulous plantation in South Georgia that I have partnered with to put together bridge retreats in the fall and spring. Take a look at the Millpond website and event flyer for more details. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need more information or you would like help organizing a group to come!

This month we turn our attention to some additional slam bidding tools.

1 (287) Bidding Slam with a Void
2 (288) Dealing with Interference After Keycard - DIPO, DEPO
3 (289) 5M Slam Try - “The Obvious Question”
4 (290) The Courtesy 5NT Grand Slam Try

We start the month off looking at one of the more frustrating situations when trying to diagnose a slam - When can we make a slam missing two Aces? How useful is our void? These are difficult questions to answer and here we look at some tools available to help us make a determination.

I hope you find it useful.