(54) Hand Evaluation I: Counting Points 1 - Before the Auction Begins

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After a hiatus I am happy to announce the return of the Online Lesson Series.  I’m excited for us to get to spend the next two months working on a very large topic in bridge – Hand Evaluation.   Hand Evaluation is a part of the game that requires lots of experience in order to become an expert.  We will not get every hand right!  But we will work on developing our tools and judgment in order to become better at this aspect of the game.  Hand Evaluation is much more of an “art form than a science” and this is important to remember.

Here is our plan for learning to better evaluate our hand:

Jy1(54) Counting Points 1 – Before the Auction Begins
Jy2(55) Counting Points 2 – After Partner Bids
Jy3(56) Counting Points 3 – When the Opponents Bid
Jy4(57) Evaluate and Keep Re-evaluating

A1(58) Size of Trump Fits
A2(59) Double Fits and Misfits
A3(60) Fitting Cards and Wasted Values
A4(61) Losers and Covers

Let’s get started on this exciting and enormous topic.

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