(62) Defensive Agreements: Carding and Signals (UDCA)

Hi Everyone -

This month we begin work on another large and important subject in bridge - Defense.   Defense is something that we do twice as often as we declare (sometimes partner declares) but I suspect that most of us are better Declarers than Defenders.   At the very least, most of us spend more time working on our Declarer play than we do on our Defense - that is a big mistake!   

So here are our topics for the month:

1    Defensive Agreements - Carding and Signals (UDCA)
2Defensive Agreements - Discards
3Defensive Concepts - Types of Defense
4Defensive Concepts - Middle of the Hand Defense

I hope you enjoy the lessons and as always feel free to email with comments or questions.  If you have friends that you think would enjoy being added to the email list either send us their email or have them get in touch with us.

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