(75) What to Expect: Captaincy

This month's focus for the OLS is planning ahead and thinking about "What to Expect."   But before getting to the details of this planning, we want to focus on an equally important topic, that of who is in charge during the auction.  This is the principle of Captaincy!

Hi All - 

Happy New Year to Everyone.  I hope that everyone had a good holidays and is ready to get the ball rolling on their bridge in 2014.   Before we get started on the 2014 OLS I'd like to take a minute and make sure that you are all aware of a famous bridge event happening later this month.  In South Florida there is a long-standing fundraiser that I have proudly been involved with for many years, started by Zeke Jabbour and others to raise money and awareness for the National Parkinson Foundation.  This year, The Common Game has come up with a way to allow clubs and players around the country to be involved in this fabulous event.   Please take a look HERE and see how you and your club can play alongside the star-studded field.  

Now, back to our OLS.  As is tradition, we use January to discuss more philosophical bidding topics.  This month's topic is "What to Expect" and is about thinking ahead.   

1  Captaincy
2  Planning Opener's Rebids - What to Expect from Responder
3  Planning as Responder - Partner Opens
4  Planning as Opener - Partner has Passed

We begin this year with a discussion of an important concept: Captaincy, or who is in charge during the auction.  Sometimes the boss (or Captain) is one player, sometimes the other, and sometimes it even changes. This month's OLS will look at this topic in detail and help us use it to have good constructive auctions with partner.  

We have been working hard preparing upcoming months' OLS topics as well.   We want to give you a preview of what is coming soon:

Feb - More Notrump Bidding
Mar - More 2/1 Game Forcing
April - Competitive Bidding - Preempts  
(We have added this upcoming information to the OLS Archives (Password: Stayman) as well.)

In coming weeks we will be discussing some updates to our website and some other interesting ideas, but for now I encourage you to take a look at the information on the Parkinson's Event and how your club might be involved through The Common Game.

As always let me know if you have any questions and feel free to suggest topics or share these lessons with your friends and partners.

Take Care,
Robert (and the AiB Team)


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