(79) More Notrump Bidding: Responding to 1NT with the Minors

Hi All - 

Now that our Bridge year is more fully underway it is time to move on to more specific bidding tools and concepts.  This month we will return to Notrump Bidding - with a specific focus on some problem bidding situations when we open 1N.  Our topics this month will be:

1  Responding to 1N with the Minors
2  Minor Suit Slams After 1N Openings
3  When to Open 1N Off-Shape
4  Advanced Lebensohl (Delayed Lebensohl)

We have previously discussed in detail how to respond to 1N with many different Major suit shapes and values.  This week will tackle the minor suit hands in a similar way -- seeing how we might explore game and/or slam.  

I also wanted to let you know the schedule of monthly topics for the next few months, as many people have inquired about what is to come this year.

March - More on 2/1 GF Auctions
April -  Competitive Bidding: Preempts
May - Advanced Bidding Topics
June - Slam Bidding

I hope you enjoy!

As always let me know if you have any questions and feel free to suggest topics or share these lessons with your friends and partners.

Take Care,
Robert (and the AiB Team)


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