(88) Competitive Bidding - Responding to Preempts

Hi Everyone -

The modern game of bridge is filled with Preempts.  This month we will discuss how to handle the challenging auctions that result from these Preempts -- "Dealing with Preempts".  Our topics of discussion will be: 

1 - Responding to Weak-Two Bids
2 - Lebensohl vs. Weak-Two Bids
3 - Responding to 3-Level & 4-Level Preempts
4 - Dealing with 3-Level & 4-Level Preempts

We begin our discussion with auctions where partner has preempted in front of us.  Responder will be faced with several challenges -- finding a fit and determining the right level for the auction.  We'll look at how Responder can explore (accomplish) these goals.  

As always let me know if you have any questions and feel free to suggest topics or share these lessons with your friends and partners.

Take Care,
Robert (and the AiB Team)


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