(114) Constructive Bidding Opposite 3rd Hand Openings: Drury Follow-ups and Alternatives

Hi Everyone - 

This month we turn our attention to a very specific topic, but one that can cause a lot of damage to our side if we get carried away.  This topic is bidding opposite Partner's 3rd seat Opener.  We will primarily focus on Constructive Bidding.  Let's take a look:

1 (114)  Drury Followups and Alternatives
2 (115)  P - 1M - 2N
3 (116)  Q=LR+ by Passed Hand
4 (117)  Advanced Drury in Competition 

We begin our month with a  look at Drury Followups and Alternatives.  We will focus on what to do after Partner has made a Drury bid and then look at some alternative agreements to Drury.  I hope you find it useful.


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