(178) Advanced Slam Bidding: Non-Serious 3NT

Hi All -

This is our last lesson of 2016.  We will take the month of December off (as we traditionally do), but please take a look at the "Upgrade Your Bidding System" Section of our website (under Learning in the top center of the menu) to see some of our latest developments in helping you improve your game.  This should lead you to other items to work on to develop a bidding system.  

When we have found a Major suit fit at the 3-level and we have no slam interest, we sign off in game.  But in the auction where we have slam interest, we would like to have a way to differentiate mild slam interest from strong slam interest.  We accomplish this by using 3NT as a conventional call when we know we are going to play in a Major suit.  (This is one of the rare times that we will use 3NT as something other than natural.)    This use of 3NT as a mild slam try is called "Non-Serious 3NT".  Let's see how it works.


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