(179) Bridge Philosophy: Listening to the Opponents' Auction

Hi All -

I hope that everyone had a good holiday break and is looking forward to a good start to the new year.   

I have many events planned for the coming year -- both as cruises and as teaching events around the country.  More information on these as details get hammered out...  

I'm also excited to announce that we are making some "TWiB by Level" booklets this year.  These will have each of the TWiBs in a recommended reading order for each level and help you have things to read and be prepared to play that "Level" system (convention card) with your partner.  My hope that partnerships can agree to a level to play and all read the material needed to "be on the same page".   I'll give you more information about these booklets as they become ready for publication -- in a digital version on the website and possibly in a print version if there is enough interest. 

This month we focus on learning how to listen the auction and understand it: how to think about the opponent's communication and how to visualize the hands and put the information that you take from the auction to good use.  

1 (179) Listening to the Opponent's Auction
2 (180) Visualizing Opener's Hand as a Defender
3 (181) Visualzing Responder's Hand as a Defender
4 (182) Playing the Hand During the Auction

We begin with an overview of what is going on in the opponents' auction and how to think about what is going on.   We discuss what information is being exchanged and what the opponents are trying to accomplish.   I hope that understanding this will allow you to be a better defender.



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