(199) NT Play: Danger Hand

Hi All - 

I hope that everyone had a good break and that you are ready to begin a bit of a focus on Declarer play.  This month we will keep our attention on declarer play in notrump contracts, but many of the concepts we discuss are also useful or have a parallel concept for suit contracts.  I hope you find these topics and concepts both interesting and educational.  

1 (199)  Danger Hand
2 (200) Giving up Control
3 (201)  Transportation
4 (202) Timing

This week we look at the concept of a Danger Hand (and a safe hand).  This is an important thing to be able to recognize at the table when there is one and is often vital to helping us determine the options for our line of play.   A danger hand is the person that we are afraid to allow to be on lead.  This concept comes up in a variety of different situations and is something that we want to be sure that have a good understanding of. 

Take care and good luck working on your play of the hand. 


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