(215) Advanced Bidding: Transfer Wolff Over 2NT Rebids

Hi Everyone - 

It's November again and we turn to some advanced bidding concepts as we do every November.   Remember that for many of you these will be rather complex and not something that you should adopt with your regular partners.  So you can ignore these few lessons if you wish, but I would recommend that you think about what the goal of the "convention" or treatment is.  Often complex things are created to try to solve difficult bidding problems and trying to understand what problems you may face or to realize that some hands are just really hard when you play "normal" methods can help you become a better bidder.

1 (215) Transfer Wolff Over 2NT Rebids
2 (216) Transfer Rebids after 1H - 1S
3 (217) Spear
4 (218) Advanced Ogust

We start off our month by looking at a modern upgrade to bidding after Opener rebids 2NT, showing a balanced 18-19 HCP.  This approach by Responder combines a 3C signoff bid (like Wolff Signoff) with other Game Forcing Transfer bids that allow Opener to communicate a lot about their hand while keeping the auction below 3NT.   


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