(255) Responder's Unusual 2M Jump Shifts and NT Bids

Hello Everyone -

It’s that time of year again, November, where we turn our focus to some advanced topics for those of you that are looking to add to your experienced partnerships. For many of you, these conventions and treatments will not be appropriate to adopt, but that does not mean that you should not read at least part of these articles. Conventions are created to solve a problem, and even if you do not adopt or read all of the details of these conventions, you should try to understand what problem they are attempting to solve and know that it might be an issue that comes up for you as well. Here are our topics for this month:

1 (255) Responder’s Unusual 2M Jump Shifts and NT Bids
2 (256) Inverted Minors and 1D-2C with Structure
3 (257) Reverse Flannery
4 (258) Q-minorwood

This week we look at a sophisticated use for Responder’s jump shifts of 2H and 2S after a 1m opening bid. We look at how using these bids for more complicated constructive bidding tools can help us bid better and solve some classic problem hands. Our goal is to continue to think about how to solve problems like getting the right member of the partnership to declare 3NT or allow our side to explore slam, while keeping the auction below 3NT.

I hope you find this topic interesting!