(81) More Notrump Bidding: When to Open 1NT Off-Shape

Hello Everyone - 

Now that we have explored our bidding options when we have minor suits (Responding with Minors and Minor Suit Slam Bidding) we want to turn our focus to the Notrump Opener.   Specifically, we will discuss the "hard hands" that have about 15 to 17 HCP but are flawed for classical 1N Openings.  These difficult to bid hands will often best be solved by just opening a "practical 1N."  By opening 1N on some flawed hands we do a good job describing the general outline of our hand and avoid difficult bidding situations later in the auction.  Some of the ideas here might seem somewhat radical, but you will find that they are good practical solutions to difficult problems that have no perfect solution. 

As always let me know if you have any questions and feel free to suggest topics or share these lessons with your friends and partners.

Take Care,
Robert (and the AiB Team)


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