(82) More Notrump Bidding: Advanced Lebensohl (Delayed Lebensohl)

Hello Everyone - 

In modern bridge clever opponents are finding more and more complex ways to get in the way of our notrump bidding. This week discuss a use of Lebensohl (or simple-sohl) in more complex auctions than the "normal" ones - that most players discuss.  When the opponents do come into our auctions it is important that both we and partner are on the same page about the meanings of our bids - that is the purpose of this discussion.   If you play Lebensohl (or simple-sohl) you can apply much of what is discussed here to the interference auctions.   

As always let me know if you have any questions and feel free to suggest topics or share these lessons with your friends and partners.

Take Care,
Robert (and the AiB Team)


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